Maine and Acadia National Park

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I left Boston via I-95 and Route 1, occasionally switching between the two until around Brunswick, ME, where I got on Route 1 and started my ride along the coast. It was a foggy drizzly day, and while Route 1 was nice, the constant interruptions from passing through towns near I-95 made it less enjoyable. Traffic lessened after I-95 and Route 1 parted ways, and I stopped in for dinner in Rockland. I had been seeing signs advertising lobsters all along the way, so I wanted to get a lobster dinner at least once.

I stopped at a diner in Rockland, but it was full except for one table for six people. I waited around the door until two other couples arrived, and the five of us shared a table. There was a mother and her daughter who were from L.A., and a couple on a Gold Wing from Ohio. We had a good meal and talked about our trips, after which I headed out to find a campsite before it got too dark. The fog was extremely thick and kept building up on the inside and outside of my visor and glasses. I finally reached Camden Hills State Park and set up camp.

It started raining very early Monday morning and didn't stop, so I had to pack up in the rain. I stopped and went down to the Atlantic Ocean for my first time this trip.

Acadia National Park was a nice ride with a good view. It was foggy most of the time, but occasionally it cleared up and offered a beautiful view of the ocean.

I had heard Cadillac Mountain offered a great view, but it was very foggy when I reached the summit, and I couldn't see anything.

I then left the island and headed to a separate part of Acadia National Park about an hour away near Winter Harbor, ME. A guy working at the Camden Hills State Park had told me to visit Schoodic Point in particular, and I was not disappointed. It was still very foggy, but walking down to the rocky ocean front where the waves were crashing in was amazing. Some of the rocks were extremely slippery from moss growing on them, and the waves would often crash across my feet and soak my shoes, but my shoes were already soaked from the rain so I didn't care.

I continued along Route 1 and came across this rather cluttered front lawn, right off the highway. While I was taking the picture, the guy who lived there pulled off the highway and drove up next to me in a minivan. I asked him what was up with all the license plates and cans and other assorted junk stuck to his house, and he tole me "I'm just a nut!"

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