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After leaving NYC, I took I-95 up the coast to Boston, MA. On the way, I stopped at a good family friend's house in Connecticut. The traffic there on I-95 was terrible, stopping and crawling for long stretches. I spent a lot of time lane splitting to keep moving. I had never split lanes before, so it was pretty exciting. By the time I got to New London, CT, I was happy to take a break from I-95. I stayed for a couple hours and chatted before continuing up the coast.

I finally reached Boston, and after some agonizingly slow traffic trying to get to Cambridge, I finally met up with Andrew. I unloaded my bike and started carrying my bags up to his apartment, only to find he had locked himself out. The second lock which he never used had somehow been locked, and the key (and phone) were in his room. We finally got a maintenance guy out and got everything squared away.

After a night out drinking, I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of random people in the subway, streets, etc...

Sunday morning I had breakfast and visited the MIT Museum. But I had to get going, and that afternoon I left for Maine.

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