Montana to British Columbia

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July 23, 2010

I picked up in the morning and started working northwest, trying to stay off of the interstate. I passed through Townsend, Helena, Ovando, Missoula, Whitefish, and finally Roosville at the border crossing into Canada.

I took highway 93 north into British Columbia. The highway follows the Kootenay River in a valley floor between mountain ranges.

At Radium Hot Springs, BC, highway 93 splits off into Kootenay National Park. The road follows mountain valleys, and the valley floor is open giving a good view of the ice blue river and the road. There were large swaths of what looked like dead trees covering whole mountainsides.

Crossing into Alberta, I entered Banff National Park. It was getting dark, so I started looking for a place to camp. The closest places were full, so I started heading northwest towards Jasper. There was a lot of construction, and I had to backtrack and switch between the Trans-Canadian highway and the Bow Valley Parkway to progress. I had been advised to use campgrounds in the area because of the wildlife. I finally found a place at the Lake Louise campground and turned in.

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