Road trip 2010: VFR750 from Wichita, KS to Deadhorse, AK and back

After last year's trip to Nova Scotia, I started thinking about a longer trip. After scrolling around on Google Maps for a while, I noticed a tiny road heading north through Alaska. Following it, I finally ended up looking at a little town called Deadhorse on the northern coast of Alaska, inside the Arctic Circle. Something about this really interested me, and I thought about making it the destination for my next big ride.

As spring rolled around in 2010, I started thinking seriously about making the trip to Deadhorse. The '95 VFR750 I bought at the end of 2009 had really grown on me, and despite wanting to keep it nice and pristine, I decided I would take it on the trip instead of the Katana, knowing it would probably be a little rough (rougher than I had imagined, as it turned out). I bought some hard cases and made some custom racks to mount them to my VFR750. I had a pair of Pelican 1520s mounted on the sides, and a Storm iM2750 mounted as a rear case. All three cases were removable via locks. This was alright, but I think if I had to do it again I'd use a hard case with a removable liner (inner bag), because the cases got pretty dirty and weren't great for bringing inside my tent. I'd also try to eliminate carrying such a large and heavy top case.

The afternoon of July 20, 2010, I left Wichita, KS and started what ended up being an 11,000 mile roundtrip to Deadhorse, AK and back. Despite a few setbacks, the bike performed admirably and brought me home three weeks later on August 10. I don't know if I'd ride the Dalton Highway again on a street bike, given how much it rains up there. It was tougher than I anticipated, but I'm proud to have done it.

Some lessons learned and/or reinforced...

7/20 - The first day

7/21 - Colorado to Utah

7/22 - Utah to Montana

7/23 - Montana to British Columbia

7/24 - North through British Columbia

7/25 - British Columbia to the Yukon

7/26 - The Yukon to Alaska

7/27 - Deadhorse or Bust

7/28 - Back to Fairbanks

7/29-30 - Pit stop in Wasilla

  7/31 - Alaska back to the Yukon

8/1 - The Yukon back to British Columbia

8/2 - South through British Columbia

8/3 - British Columbia to Washington

8/4 - Washington to California

8/5 - South through California

8/6 - Death Valley to Las Vegas

8/7-8 - Visiting Las Vegas

8/9 - Mike and Wendy's Wedding

8/9-10 - Iron Butt back home

Mileage and fuel log

Twitter feed for the trip

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