'93 GSX600F - Wheels

One of the first problems I noticed with this bike when I bought it was the bad tire rot on the front tire. The tread was good, but cracks were visible all the way around the rim:

Rear wheel removed:

When putting the rear wheel back on, I noticed a couple things. There were scrape marks on the swing-arm where the sprocket nuts went by, and when in place, it was awfully close.

The castle nut for the rear axle seemed to be too far in as well; the pin didn't pass through the notches in the nut. Suspecting a missing spacer, I checked the manual and found it was in fact missing. I ended up using two washers that had the right inner and outer diameters. I later tried using the factory spacer, but I couldn't get the castle nut on far enough, so there may be some other non-factory thing going on.

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