'93 GSX600F - Worn sprockets and chain

When I first bougth this bike, I noticed an odd clicking sound when rolling the bike backwards. It turned out to be the sound of the chain catching on the rear sprocket teeth because the teeth were severely bent.

The chain wasn't in good shape either. Although the factory chain is o-ring, the chain that was on it was not. The chain was rusty as well, and the master link was missing rollers.

When I removed the front sprocket cover, there was a lot of rust and metal shavings present.

The front sprocket also had noticable wear. The teeth had indentations on one side of them.

I ended up replacing both sprockets and the chain as a set. I bought a 530 chain, left the front sprocket stock (14-tooth), and left the rear sprocket at +2 (47-tooth).

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