Lubing a cable

Lubricating a cable is not very difficult, althought it can be a bit messy. A cable luber is a device that seals over one end of the cable, allowing you to inject lubricant into it under pressure, forcing it through the cable housing and out the other end. There is a stepped rubber housing in the device to accommodate the diameter of both the housing and the cable. The cable and housing is pushed into one end of the device until the housing stops it from going in any further. The cable should extend out the other end. The screw is then turned, tightening the seal both around the housing and the cable protruding from one end.

The straw from a spray can of white lithium grease is put in the small hole on the side of the rubber housing, and the lubricant is injected into the device. Properly sealed, it should force lubricant into the housing. In my experience, it will still leak lubricant from several spots, but enough pressure is built to force lubricant down the housing as well.

When lubricant starts coming out the other end of the cable, it has worked:

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