Installing an '05 Kat 750 centerstand on a '93 Kat 600

There are a lot of newer Katana centerstands on eBay, but hardly any for older bikes, so I decided to adapt a newer centerstand to my bike. As it turned out, the only differences were the use of bushings (relatively inexpensive to buy new), and the hook for the spring moved to the opposite side. I made a hook that looked similar to the original and welded it on. In hindsight, I could've just bent a piece of steel into a "J" and welded it on, saved myself some work.

The '05 Kat 750 center stand:

Closeup of the existing spring hook:

First I made a hook out of 1/8" steel that looked similar to the existing hook:

Then I welded it on:

After a quick coat of paint over the weld, I took the bolts holding the mufflers out and pried down on it so I could get the center stand bolts installed. Next, I cut a spring down to size and made a new hook on the end.

After putting it up on the stand, it looked like it was seated against the frame well:

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