'93 GSX600F - Carbs

Quick tip: The airbox is far easier to put back on if you take the filter out. This way you can stick your hand inside the airbox to help you get it fully seated on the carbs.



Closeup of one of the carb air intakes:

Closeup of one of the butterfly valves:

One of the screw-adjustable mechanisms that links the throttle between carbs:

Another closeup of the carb throttle linkage:

A drain plug on one of the carbs:

Removing the cover of one of the carbs. Notice the o-ring on the vacuum port.

Removing the slide from one of the carbs. The needle is sticking out of the bottom of the slide.

The needle:

Looking into the carb.

The bowl removed:

Closeup of the float valve:

Another closeup of the float valve, with the little clip undone:

The float removed. Notice the broken o-ring on the left.

The carb sans float. Notice the rubber plug covering the starter jet, and the main jet to the right of it.

The main jet and starter jet:

Reinstalling the slider guide:

Air/fuel mixture screw. From left to right, it holds a spring, a metal washer, followed by a rubber washer.

Reinstalling the choke plunger:

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